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Investigating Sightings in Essex Since 1987


SOUTHEND-ON-SEA lies on the Essex coast in the South-East of England. Being close to London this area has been home to many strange and unexplained UFO sightings over the years. In the 1970's and early 80's Southend was a regular hotspot of unexplained phenomena.

Many sightings of glowing white lights and orange spheres, amongst others, have been reported all along the coast of the Thames Estuary and River Crouch. Groups of strange glowing lights "flying in formation" have also been reported. Does the secret military testing area of Foulness hold the key to some of the strange objects seen over the Thames Estuary and local areas? Whilst it seems a common occurrence for UFO's to be seen near military installations, reservoirs and power stations local sightings near Bradwell power station (black triangle), Hanningfield reservoir (glowing balls of light) and numerous cigar shaped objects near Foulness Island support this common theme.

Southend UFO Group and Essex UFO Investigations was formed to help answer one of the most elusive mysteries of our time. We are a serious research organization based in Essex, England and investigate local UFO sightings from across the county of Essex and London.

We make no extravagant claims regarding the subject but rather deal with the facts and evidence that surround the sightings. As most people know the vast majority of sightings can be explained ranging from astronomical events, airplanes, satellites, Chinese lanterns and numerous other explanations. However, there is still a hardcore of evidence which defies logical explanation. These are the interesting cases which make the subject so fascinating.

We network with other groups worldwide and local sightings are presented to the public so that they can analyze the evidence and make up their own mind. This evidence so far has culminated in photographs, camera phone and camcorder footage as well as numerous eyewitness sightings going back many years.

We welcome your UFO sighting report, photos and camcorder/camera phone footage no matter how old. We also organize sky-watches across Essex and give talks to other local groups. We are not interested in making you believe but hope that you view the subject with an open mind, examine the evidence and form your own conclusion. The facts are that there are unidentified flying objects entering our airspace at will and being seen by thousands of witnesses across Essex and the UK. Couple this with radar operators viewing these objects on radar screens, eyewitness reports from police officers, military personnel, local public and thousands of hours of camcorder footage from across the world.

Recent scientific reports claim the potential for billions of earth like planets. Is it too far a possibility to believe that life has developed elsewhere and is far in advance of our own species? And like human scientists now attracted to finding life on Mars and Europa any other intelligent species would be curious about us the same as we are curious regarding the possibility of alien life on other planets.

Only time will tell...