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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a U.F.O.
A: This may sound like a simple question, but the answer isn't! Most people think, when you tell them you have seen a UFO, that you have seen little green men from outer space. This is in no way a fact. What you have seen is an Unidentified Flying Object and means what it says - an object in the air that cannot be easily identified as an aircraft, bird, balloon or any of the 101 other things it could be. Unless something lands in your front garden as says "Hello, I'm a little green man from outer space and this is my spaceship..." what you have seen most probably has an everyday explanation which needs a little investigation to work out what it was and why you saw it the way you did.

Q: OK, I've seen lights in the sky but it's just Chinese lanterns right?
A: Not necessarily!!! Whilst the rise in the use of these things has caused a big increase in the number of UFO reports, there still remain a number of sightings that defy a logical explanation. Before putting what you have seen down as a lantern, ask your self a couple of questions like was they going with the wind direction? Was there more than one and did they stay in the same formation? If they did then you may have had a real  bona fide sighting. If you are unsure please report it to us anyway, we would sooner have 100 lantern sightings than  miss 1 sighting we find is the 'real' thing!

Q: I am interested in coming along to a meeting, when and where are they?
A: We try to hold regular sky-watches around the area and up at Rendlesham Forest. Please see the Calendar section for the next sky-watch. Please be aware these are held in public places and that we ask anyone attending to treat the location with respect and not to upset the people who may live nearby.