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Formed in 1987, Southend UFO Group continues to investigate sightings of UFO's throughout the Essex area. Now celebrating it 25th anniversary there is no let up in the amount of sightings received and investigated by our members.

Over the years SUFOG as it is known to the group has seen many changes in personnel but at the core of the group is our chairman Mark, having many sightings himself from an early age Mark and the group never pre-judge any sighting and always apply the same scrupulous methods in investigating sightings. Of the many reports received 95% can be attributed to an identifiable source, however it is the 5% that remain a mystery that truly fascinates.

In the past the group has put on conventions at the Southend Civic Centre, produced it's own newsletters and magazines, as well as having regular field trips to "The British Roswell" at Rendlesham Forest and the Avebury / Galstonbury areas - home to the majority of Britain's crop circles.

SUFOG and Rendlesham

The Southend UFO Group visit Rendlesham Forrest on a regular basis, the events of 1980 have been well documented on other sites to which we provide a couple of sites in the links section. The forest has become such an attraction the Forestry Commission has installed it's own UFO Trail that takes you around the forest and the sites of the events of 1980, however this isn't the only time the forest has been home to weird happenings!!!

During the stay of the USAF at nearby Bentwaters Air Base which boarders the forest, guards on duty near the East Gate of the base would be kept on their toes by the attention of 'East end Charlie' a ghost of a crashed airman from the Second World War who would in the dark hours of the night rap on the walls of the guard hut and walk across the roof with loud footfalls!

However not all goings on are the result of paranormal phenomena! Sometimes if the conditions are right mists can be seen along the paths of the forest, this is due to the fact that the paths have a heavy sand content and after periods of wet weather when the temperature starts to rise mist form at night, however this hasn't stopped some people claiming all sort of spooky things about them.

But not everything that is seen in the forest can be put down to a rational explanation! On a couple of trips into the forest, several sightings have been made of lights in the tree tops and one was only seen by accident when one of our members was looking at some photos he had made whilst in the forest. Below the picture shows two red lights that were seen in the tree tops by one of our members. The photo has been adjusted in Photoshop to make the image brighter to allow the trees to stand out and see where the lights are in relation to the trees.

At first we thought that the member had caught an animal perched in the tree tops but upon examining the photo it was determined that the lights are in fact behind the tree tops making their position up in the atmosphere. At the time the photo was taken there were no planes in the area and the lights remain unexplained.

The second photo shows a set of three lights in a triangular formation near to the moon. The photo was taken before the ISS space Station was launched by NASA and the weather was clear. Once again there were no planes in the area at the time the photo was taken, indeed at the time the member wasn't looking for a UFO but just wanted a picture of the moon.

Other photos taken by the group are in the gallery section, please take a look. The group has regular visits to the forest; please see the Calendar section for our next visit and see if you can meet up with us.